Business Analytics

Get Insights From Your Data

ROTA takes your MRO IT data or business data whether from one system or multiple systems and transforms it into a robust dashboards with data drilldown capability. This allows for you to spend more time on business operations versus sifting through raw data or disconnected system reports. How will your business benefit from a bespoke approach to analytics?

MRO IT Systems

The ROTA Team are experts when it comes to MRO IT Data. We have the knowledge of both the databases and business practices to make your data make sense.

  • Maintenance Operations
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality

Business Management

We have developed reports to show high level project progress and allow for detailed dives into what's going on with your business. We have reports for all areas of business to suit their particular needs.

  • Automating Monthly Reports
  • Threshold Monitoring
  • Data Throughput

KPI Aggregation

Many companies use multiple systems to track their operations. ROTA is experienced in bring all these data sources together to make a central hub for your business.

  • Warranty Management
  • Bespoke Dashboards
  • Multi-system Aggregation
  • Safety