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ROTA is excited to partner with Alaska Airlines to upgrade MRO ERP system(Trax.)

ROTA partners with Silver Airlines to improve MX ERP Data(Trax.)

ROTA receives initial phase sub contract for Dept of State INL/A porgram

ROTA receives initial sub-contract from AAR Corp to provide MRO IT implementation resources for Department of State INL/A contract. This is the second project forging ahead. Again AAR has trusted ROTA to join them on this phased project. ROTA remains ready and  committed as a trusted partner to AAR to see this through.  – (James Cornelius, President.) https://www.state.gov/j/inl/aviation/   


ROTA receives preliminary sub-contract for DOS (INL/A program)

ROTA receives preliminary sub-contract from AAR Corp to provide MRO IT implementation resources for Department of State INL/A contract. We are excited to get moving on this quicky and grateful for the trust that AAR has in us – (James Cornelius, President.) https://www.state.gov/j/inl/aviation/   


ROTA partners with Spirit Airlines for upgrade.

Working with a very talented team of Spirit employee’s, vendor rep(Trax), ROTA was able to stand up version 12.5 in under 60 days. This included all regression, interface and new configuration testing.

ROTA proves time and time again that for quality, cost and speed – they are the best in the industry. Patrick Collins Sr Director of MX Planning

ROTA deploys MXF Software at AAR Airlift

ROTA has implemented the latest release of the MXF Software at AAR Airlift. This gives ROTA its second instance at AAR. AAR now has a valuable tool when planning short and long term maintenance in some of the most austere area’s in the world.


AAR Airlift goes live with PUMA Fleet

ROTA partnered with AAR Airlift to implement their last remaining fleet into their primary MRO IT system. This implementation also marked the first ever to do so utilizing rotor wing functionality within the system. Talented Airlift personnel, coupled with ROTA resources, were able to make the deadline. Implementation was done in a very hard pressed 6 week window. Joeseph Bonita VP of MX and Engineering

Our Services

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ROTA Technology brings unparalleled knowledge and passion to the table to make sure our clients walk away satisfied. We deliver lasting results and pinpoint areas that can improve the successes of each of our clients. We send experienced members to lead and facilitate the implementation process using a consultative and collaborative approach and we will work tirelessly to make sure all levels within the organization are capable of functioning effectively with the changes we implement.

We take the data that you are collecting, or can collect, and help turn it into profitable and efficient solutions. We'll assist in letting you know how you can explore new areas of big data for your business, and generate charts, graphs, and models that will surely help you succeed. Anything from how to minimize downtime to how to improve on employee efficiency to anything that you may think of, we can help you achieve for your business.

We have developed applications that extend beyond the basic functionality of original MRO ERP softwares. We are able to implement these out-of-the-box ready applications for your business to use from day one. We also help provide support for these applications and are able to walk you through every step of the process when using our products.

With the number of third-party applications we currently have we hope that we can find something that suits your needs. However, if you desire something we don't currently have available we'll certainly build it for you! We can take your idea and build it from the ground up to deliver a bespoke product for your company. We'll work with you throughout the process to make sure that the final product we give you is exactly what your business needs to be as productive as possible.

Examples of Clients and Projects

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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

  • MRO ERP Implementation
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Maintenance Application Management
Endeavor Air

Endeavor Air

  • MRO ERP Implementation
  • Enterprise Wide Training
Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

  • MXF Software Implementatoin for Long Range Planning
  • v12.5 updgrade of MRO system in 53 days
AAR Airlift

AAR Airlift

  • Multiple MRO ERP Implementations
  • The First Rotor Wing TRAX Implementation
  • Post Go-Live Support
Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

  • TRAX V12 Upgrade
  • Data Clean Up
  • MRO ERP Process Creation
AAR Corporate

AAR Corporate

  • Afghan Airforce C130 MRO ERP Implementation
  • Employee Training
  • Post Go-Live Support

"James and his team met every deadline. Due to their excellent knowledge of MRO and Airline operations, coupled with solid IT skills and ability to lead, they accomplished [tasks] quickly and professionally, setting the tempo for other areas of the project."
- Dharmesh Patel; CTO, AAR Corp

"The knowledge ROTA added to our team of already very capable and competent aircraft maintenance veterans was broad and insightful. I also found James to have an innate and uncanny ability to assess a situation effectively and to formulate a plan to attain the objective with routine efficiency."
- Chris Oot; Endeavor Air, Inc.

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